Adventures and dating

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I think what most people mean when they say "I want someone to go on adventures with" is "I want someone who I can do nothing with and it still feels like an adventure." It's just less cool to say that, so people feel like they'll seem more fun if they say the former. But mostly the grocery store thing because the dolphin situation will probably happen once a year max (and it will happen. Everything is gorgeous and perfect and swim-up bars exist.

But being able to have fun together when you're seeing a movie, or getting dinner, or not strapping parachutes on each other is what's much harder to find.

He is very aware that he caused this & he has let me lash out at him, interrogate him & cry to him as often as I need to. Seriously, have millennials ever listened to the lyrics to the “Friends” theme song? It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month Or even your year…. People were more conscientious about following through on plans, but sometimes they fell through anyway. We stood astride the dating scene like young, virile, sexy-but-honorable beasts of the wild kingdom and — I’m sorry but I could not finish this sentence because I’m laughing too hard to hit the appropriate keys on my laptop. My actual memory of dating in the 1990s is that while there was a lot of good, there was also a lot of bad and a fair amount of ugly. In today’s dating world, you literally never know if your first, or fifteenth date will be the last time you see or hear from someone. But what the generation above me has that I don’t is the fact that they were single, and dating, in the 90s. When you made plans with someone, you actually had to show up, as the text flake-out was not a menu item available to you. Her memory of what dating must have been like in the ’90s was like sounds pretty idyllic though: Back then it was considered rude to be broken up with over the phone, with the worst offense occurring via answering machine. And that’s only if you had plans to see each other again.

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