Anyone wanna cam sex on ps3

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I would definitively like to know what the answer is. Can my Shepard have sex with, say, Miranda, dump her, and then have my Ashley romance from ME1 continue unaffected in ME3?

22 years later I decided to share these pent-up opinions about the industry, games, my likes and dislikes and everything in between.Koku Gamer writes: "This E3 we were presented with new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft, both impressive advancements that the Wii began 3 years ago.Obviously both new systems are more impressive than the Wii's current setup, but Nintendo as previously mentioned are using old technology and are increasing functionality with the Wii motion plus.IMO, Sony's motion controller offers the best of both worlds.Project Natal has the limitation of slower motion tracking and limited use in more complex games (like RTSs and FPSs shown in Sony's motion control demonstration) Firt, how many cameras have sony sold for the ps3, not everyone including me has one, second, if you want to do some of the things you need two of them, they didn's say it would come in a two pack or a one pack, so it could end up being on the spendy side if you don't have a camera already.

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