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While writing my previous post related to the knowledge of ancient man, I was concerned about pushing the limits of accepted timelines around the Lascaux cave paintings of France.

The conservative dating of most cave painting sites around the world have always been considered to be roughly 17,000 – 24,000 years ago.

As of 2013, 75 percent of 18 to 35-year-olds in the country said they wanted an arranged marriage, according to the Taj Wedding Barometer.This doesn't necessarily shrink Tinder's potential market though, with male user Reem Belsare (who requested his name be changed) from Bengaluru, a relatively progressive part of the country, explaining that Indians have some romantic wiggle room earlier in their adult life."India is still conservative when it comes to courtships," he said."The unspoken rule is that you party while you can, but end up marrying someone of your family's choice."Tinder user Preeti Sharma (who also requested her name be changed) explains, "the conservative culture takes a back seat when it comes to dating and flings.It’s hard to see a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter going for a self-identified male pansexual feminist.According to founder David Goss, the site has had more than 26,000 members since its launch, and membership has exploded since Trump’s election win in November.

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