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(Yeah, it looks like it was made in 1994, but trust me, the recipes are good.) I still don't really think it's used to "other" people, at least not here, and not usually - but the etymology of the term, which just may be horrifically sexist, gives me concern. --s6 Yeah, I was wondering why people didn't refer to them (or themselves) more often as just Cajuns, but then I wondered if it was like me with black folks - I use African-American to describe a church, literature, or food, but generally use "black folks" for black folks.So maybe "Cajun" springs to mind more as an adjective, for say a recipe, while "coonass" is the individual? According to Wikipedia--every scholar's choice--it's considered a derogatory term for a non-Cajun to use against a Cajun.As head of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), Domengeaux railed against the term's use, including its use by then-Governor Edwin W. (Someone who had not taken Domengeaux’s etymology at face value was Cajun scholar Barry Jean Ancelet of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. military invented the Nike-Cajun in the 1950s as a sounding rocket for testing the atmosphere.Ancelet rejected Domengeaux's notion as "shaky linguistics at best.") In the late 1990s I was searching the online database of the U. National Archives and Records Administration for anything having to do with the Nike-Cajun rocket. But why, I wondered, had it been called the Nike- I'll explain the origin of the Nike-Cajun in a later posting (see my article "The Nike-Cajun Rocket: How It Got Its Name") — but it was while researching this rocket that I stumbled across a reference to World War II stock footage depicting something called the According to Army Signal Corps data on the back of the original print, the image was made not only over a year before the Allied invasion of France, but halfway around the world, in the South Pacific.Middle/upper-class Cajuns would not like the term whereas a lower-class Cajun (on the economic scale) wouldn't care.It isn't anti-black in spite of the name itself although I could well understand how someone black might take offense (and probably would). That would also make it logical that it may not be offensive if an Old Miss fan used it to describe an LSU fan, but taken differently if a Yankee said it. I did ask a friend with a Ph D in computer science who is Cajun. He worked really hard to eliminate his Cajun accent, but when I asked him if it was derogatory to use the term, his answer was an immediate no.

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Could be mistaken but I think they are just as likely to use the word as white folks. I thought so when I was a teenager, changed my mind as an adult, and am now considering changing my mind again, but I'm really not sure.(I used the word today and it made me ponder.) When my husband, who hails from Miami, first started hearing the term used aloud, I had to explain to him that it had nothing to do with black folks, and in fact referred to white people pretty much exclusively.(The plane's pilot, I should explain, was a Cajun from Sunset, Louisiana, and thus he had the privilege of naming the plane. But Domengeaux had not made these claims, nor had the Louisiana state legislature made them in its concurrent resolution condemning . originated when French-speaking Louisiana soldiers stationed in France were often called by native French soldiers as 'conasse.' . ."region of south Louisiana or right across the border in east Texas, where Cajun culture mingled with the WASP-ish Bible-belt culture of the Lone Star State.It's therefore interesting that he chose the word as early as 1942, when U. troops went up against Vichy French forces in North Africa; or even during World War I, when U. In fact, the resolution stated, "[S]ince World War II, certain persons commenced using the word 'coonass' in referring to an Acadian (Cajun)" because "[T]he word . This is mere speculation on my part, however, and for now the term's origin remains a mystery.

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