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Dating is a very mysterious beast and we do not know everything there is to know about attraction or dating, some of the most fascinating questions like “what is attraction” or “why are we attracted some people but not others” are questions that we still to this day do not know.

But there’s a lot about this city that’s not so well known.

While that lighthouse is long gone, the current island resident pictured above is actually the second-oldest working lighthouse in the United States, dating back to 1783.

In January 15, 1919, a storage tank holding more than 2 million gallons of molasses burst, sending a giant wave of the hot syrupy substance through the North End of Boston.

It killed 21 people and several horses and injured more than 100 others, making it the worst molasses-related accident in history.

Massachusetts started issuing driver’s licenses and registration plates in 1903, but didn’t make people take a driving test beforehand.

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