Dreamweaver template not updating files

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My site uses a template which holds a banner image at the top and a Table Of Contents down the left side of every page.I updated the template file “mmuuf generic template.dwt” (and uploaded that file to the server — even though after reading your article I now realize I didn’t need to).Dreamweaver can add the new link to all the pages in the site created from that template automatically.Complete a brief survey to get a complimentary 70-page whitepaper featuring the best methods and solutions for your virtual environment, as well as hypervisor-specific management advice from Tech Target experts. Unfortunately, novice users often fail to implement templates correctly causing themselves a lot of frustration and extra work rather than saving time and effort.Most of the problems stem from a misunderstanding of the basic concepts governing templates and a few common mistakes.The more files you have to keep track of, the more apt you are to misplace one.

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The reason is that the left_file is contained in the template and in all templates and pages.

So if you clicked Update in step 4, you create a process stream that updates those files.

All format*templates were created from the template.

By Janine Warner The great advantage of Dreamweaver templates is that you can automatically apply changes to all the pages created with a template by altering the original template.

For example, if you have links in an uneditable region, you can later automate the process by making the change in the template.

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