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The ability to backdate Housing Benefit claims has offered a valuable breathing space in these cases, making sure that pressuring someone to complete their claim quickly needn't create a needless barrier to providing the support they need.

Following the Government’s proposal in July to reduce the period for which a claim can be backdated from the current six months to one month, the Social Security Advisory Committee advised them to find a compromise.

However, this is not true for most people living in homeless hostels and supported housing who will continue to get their rent paid via Housing Benefit.

The Government is going ahead with this change so it is vital that service providers look to the opportunities which Discretionary Housing Payments may offer to plug any arrears that could arise through delayed Housing Benefit claims.

The second part of the medical test determines which group you will be put into.

ESA has two groups: you will be placed into one of two groups - a support group or a work-related activity group - based on the results of the second test.

And yes it's from week 13 not from the assessment date.

If you are blind or partially sighted, the most relevant activities within the Work Capability Assessment are about your ability to get around out of doors independently and communicate with other people.

But everything I have read says from week 14 of start of claim ? You don't give the full dates so its only a quick estimate.

Say claim made 10th March 2014, first 13 weeks takes us to 9 June 2014.

ESA is a single benefit that you can break down into sets of twos.

ESA has two elements: contributory ESA for people who have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions and income-related ESA for those who are on a low income. The Government is starting to replace Income-related ESA with Universal Credit.

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