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The commemorations of martyrs were held on fixed dates in the solar calendar. This suggests the possibility that the annual Pascha celebration entered Christianity earlier than martyrs' festivals, and that it may have been part of Christianity's initial Jewish inheritance.Initially the date of Pascha was fixed by consulting Jewish informants to learn when the Jewish month of Nisan would fall, and setting Pascha to the third Sunday in Jewish Nisan, the Sunday of Unleavened Bread.So, in Western Christianity, Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the Paschal Full Moon.The Paschal Full Moon can vary as much as two days from the date of the actual full moon, with dates ranging from March 21 to April 18.

Then, beginning in the mid-2nd century, evidence appears of Pascha and commemorations of martyrs.We also published the complete list of full moon names here on The origins of these names have been traced back to Native America, though they may also have evolved from old England or, as Guy Ottewell, editor of the annual publication Astronomical Calendar, suggests, "writer's fancy.") The first full moon of spring is usually designated as the Paschal Full Moon or the Paschal Term.Friday (April 6) brings us the first full moon of the new spring season.The official moment that the moon turns full is UT, or p.m. Traditionally, the April full moon is known as "the Pink Moon," supposedly as a tribute to the grass pink or wild ground phlox, considered one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring.

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