Evan lysacek nastia liukin still dating

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“Standing on the podium watching the flag being raised was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” she said from her home in Cleveland.Moceanu thinks the next person to hear the national anthem could be World Champion Evan Lysacek, who is in second place heading into Thursday’s free skate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.“It’s been a huge inspiration to see great gymnastics champions on the box, like Mary Lou and Carly, plus the ‘Magnificent Seven’ from 1996.It’s a privilege and an honor for me to be on the box, and I’m very excited to be part of the Wheaties tradition.” Nastia credits hard work and determination for her success.It’s about what people can identify with when they’re watching the sport. Effeminate men can identify with effeminate skating. When I watch it, I can’t identify because I don’t move like that. And male effeminacy is often just as frequently derided and condemned in many gay subcultures as it is in the mainstream.

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Here’s master asshat Elvis Stojko talking abt his problem with feminine skaters: People in the gay community have to realize they’ve got to take themselves out of it. I’ve been getting heat for this, but there are people behind me saying that they appreciate it. Criticisms of effeminate skaters aren’t so much about sexual identity as they are gender expression.She just has that stereotypical lesbian appearance and demeanor. I have to say I was surprised to learn today that Evan Lysacek, who just won the gold medal in Men's Figure Skating, is dating gymnast Nastia Liukin. I was shocked to hear the words "my wife" come out of his mouth, much less the fact that they've been married that long. I think there were some Cheever-esque rumors of his making clumsy drunken passes at guys, but nothing confirmed. He mentioned his wife in an episode recently, which made me do a spit-take. I could have sworn that I'd heard years ago that Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld) was gay.When Johnny Weir announces that he has a girlfriend, you can come knock me over with a feather. I remember there were rumors Bob Crane was gay after he was murdered. Turns out he's been married since the early '80s and has two kids.masculinized athleticism (Pleshenko’s quad jumps) — seemed to me suspiciously timely, convenient.So while on the one hand, I believe Lysacek can identify however he fucking wants, his strategic dishonesty, if that’s in fact what’s happening here, disturbs me.

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