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Indeed, they say that every cell in your body is new after seven years.

So here we are new bodies and new attitudes about our life here.

For a few days, I am sent to go and stay in a new place, San Miguelito.

Though only 50 km away, it took me 3 hours on my first trip to get there. Beautiful little village off the main route, nestled by the lake.

It was a health form, and the final question asked if the person filling it out had “decay.” Period. The passengers included a fair number of young American backpacker types. I went through the passport and customs line, nothing inspected, but, just as in Cuba, my incoming bags had to go through an x-ray.

I paid an entry fee of and exchanged some money for Nicaraguan cordobas, each of which is worth a fraction less than a nickel.

Visiting a small eatery/casse-croûte in a private house, and chatting with the lady, she invites me to come the next day to see how she does the infamous which are a typical Nica dish.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

We've matured into this culture, our kids have grown up here, and we've made friends.

Those things that we hoped for in our life here, have basically happened.

I’ve been reminded several times since that, having been there just before their violent election campaign, I was lucky to have made that trip unscathed, particularly after having ridden the “chicken bus” between Antigua and Guatemala City. Two nights in Managua, one in Leon, two in Granada and the final three nights in San Jose, Costa Rica, from where I would fly home on Sunday, May 15.

New countries, new cities, new experiences, new people.

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