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They're coming for your asses too." As a theater director, Savage (under the name Keenan Hollohan, combining his middle name and his paternal grandmother's maiden name Much of the group's work were queer interpretations of classic works, such as a tragicomic Macbeth with both the title character and Lady Macbeth played by performers of the opposite sex.

In March 2001, he directed his own Egguus at Consolidated Works, a parody of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play Equus which exchanged a fixation on horses for a fixation on chickens.

Founding and Senior Partner and Head of Creative at Sterling Cooper & Partners (Current) Founding and Senior Partner and Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former) Junior Partner and Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former) Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former) Fur Salesman and Copywriter (former) Car Salesman (former) United States Army Private (former) Donald Francis "Don" Draper is a fictional character and the protagonist of AMC's television series Mad Men, portrayed by Jon Hamm.

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Living in decadence, these temptresses were no victims.If it was independence they desired, they would have to play their cards right, exploit their sexual prowess, engage in pursuits of pleasure, and become ladies of the night who hunt their men down for fun.In the 16th century, courtesans became a symbol of sexual liberty, beauty, and audacity.He has also worked as a theater director, sometimes credited as Keenan Hollahan.In his writing and public appearances, Savage has clashed with both social conservatives and the LGBT establishment. His editors at the time refused his choice of column name, but for the first several years of the column, he attached "Hey, Faggot!

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