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It was one of the best decisions I have ever made," says Fowler, who documents his efforts on his website, 1Eating most of his calories in the evening meal meant he could fit his diet to the family's routine, while continuing to eat the food he enjoyed. "When I reached my target weight, I felt good about myself and good about life," he says.

Since then, the emergency services worker has managed to maintain his weight within about 4.5kg by dipping back into the diet when the need arises.

And how it increases insulin sensitivity, which, when combined with matterful training, creates an ideal environment for partitioning. But I just wish someone would have told me the following 9 things before embracing an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

(Read: more muscle gained, less fat gained.) Yes, fasting — of all sorts of durations — is something I'm just about two years of experimentation into. , the size of meals increase to accommodate Most former fasters are those that used to eat six, eight small meals daily. You want more and more and more, and you find yourself eating even though you're stuffed to the gizzards.

These answers have been put together by medical experts and Islamic scholars and researchers.

People with type 1 diabetes shouldn't usually fast, but people with type 2 diabetes on insulin should be able to.

And while I've seen incredible physical gains, there are some “things” fasting does that few people talk about. When they turn to intermittent fasting, it's more like two, three meals daily. A comical, yet fairly accurate, look at intermittent fasting is such: skip breakfast, drink coffee instead, have your first meal at lunch. You get used to being either absolutely full or absolutely empty.

“We are against it and consider it counterproductive, damaging, dangerous,” he said.

I felt fat and miserable and it was affecting my relationship with my wife and kids.

I knew I had to take control of my eating so I decided to give the diet a try.

"I love eating this way because it means I get to eat what I want on a daily basis and still lose weight.

No food is off limits and I rarely feel like I'm missing out," he says.

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