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If a woman is immodest or brings shame on her family by her sexual conduct, she brings shame and dishonor on all kin.

The subtle differences in the notion of honour are reflected in Arabic, which has two words for honour.

Armoured vehicles were heading toward the frontline north of the Old City as shelling and gunfire could be heard.

It is a densely-populated maze of narrow alleyways where fighting is often conducted house by house.Rezan Delir, a Kurdish representative, said the proposal was “an insult to women’s dignity” and a “distraction from the war against [Isis].” The controversial proposal follows another recent issue that divided Iraqi politicians - a surprise recent vote in October 2016 in parliament which banned the sale, import and production of alcohol.Opponents of the law said it violates constitution guarantees regarding the traditions of religious minorities such as Christians, and vowed to appeal the decision.The law has long been criticised by Iraqi womens’ rights groups as “backwards” and outdated, but the high number of widows in Iraq caused by two recent wars has led to a surge in the practice in recent years.Ms Ebeidi plans to collect signatures in support of the planned bill, which has been met with criticism by the Iraqi parliamentary women and childhood affairs committee.

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