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Our social ad campaigns are continuously optimized using proprietary algorithms that use integrated, realtime social listening, allowing you to instantly adjust your messaging and delivery in response to social sentiment.

Targeting low-income markets including Hispanic and African Americanaudience segments, we used a data targeted media plan and dyanmic rich media creative to get engagement rates well above industry average.

Spreader grafts typically are contoured in a rectangular shape and measure 1-3 mm in thickness by 4-6 mm in width by 20-35 mm in length, depending on the individual's nasal anatomy.

Occasionally, longer, broader, or even double-thickness grafts are indicated.

Cartilage is usually sufficient to fashion 2 equivalent-sized spreader grafts (see black arrow) as well as tip and batten grafts, if necessary.The 3rd party trademarks, logos and screenshots of the websites and mobile applications are property of their respective owners, we are not directly associated with most of them.FATbit Chef is the official broadcaster of everything that happens inside FATbit.By combining advanced segmentation with tens of thousands of data points, we message the right individuals at the right time with the right message…. Our media management platform simplifies the mobile ad buying process, providing actionable insights and agency level intel based on realtime analytics, enabling advertisers to take full control of their mobile media spend across all campaigns.Our mobile rich media platform is an industry leading HTML5 powered ad suite designed from the ground up to provide premium, high impact ads at scale by delivering responsive feature rich experiences designed for the highest level of interactivity.

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