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It has since been invited to be exhibited in Japan.The Canadian funding also helped the campaign distribute thousands of pamphlets, buttons and posters, and to produce a powerful video in which Mongolian girls shared their experiences and spoke out against threats and violence.Seven hundred years ago, a man almost conquered the Earth.He made himself master of half the known world, and inspired mankind with a fear that lasted for generations.

At the forum, young women pushed for better support and more accessible services for girls who fall victim to sexual violence.

"In the course of his life he was given many names - Mighty Manslayer, Scourge of God, Perfect Warrior.

He is better known to us as Genghis Khan." So begins Harold Lamb's 1927 book Genghis Khan: Emperor Of All Men, which - 80 years after its publication - remains the best-selling history on the Mongolian warlord.

Population of women: 1,365,600/2,701,100 Life expectancy of women (at birth): 71 School life expectancy for women: 15 Women's adult literacy: 98% Unemployment of women: 3.6% Women engaged in economic activity: 68% Discrimination against Mongolian women persists in many areas, including political life, the workplace, and home.

Various laws, such as the Mongolian Constitution, Labour Law, Criminal Code, Civil Code, and Family Law contain provisions to promote gender equality.

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