Most intimidating classical music

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Covering the Basics Getting Serious about Rock Music Community Q&A From its origins in the 1950s to the present day, rock music covers a huge range of guitar-based musical styles.

Explore the history of the music with the help of actor Henry Goodman, projections and live musical examples, before Sir Mark Elder and the Hallé give a complete performance of the symphony.(Let's forget for a moment the gross inaccuracy of lumping all the music mentioned in this article under one generic term; when I say ‘classical' music, we all know what I'm talking about, and all the music here could fit under that monstrous umbrella.) Nothing like a ‘Top Ten Pieces of Classical Music That Must Be Heard Above All Others' list to get the ball rolling, so let me explain the format: I've picked ten pieces, all of which are extremely well-known to classical aficionados, most of which are well-known to the wider world.I'll include a brief note on the piece, as well as a recommendation or two of other works or composers that might be appealing if you enjoy that particular work.Rock music began as a loud, rebellious alternative to other genres.Although it's since become too vast to fit any one description, the attitude and energy of the classics has gone on to influence everything since.

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