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You’ll also change DNS if you want to add SPF records to help email authentication.

For these changes to work properly, it’s vital to know where DNS is hosted.

Either way you check your domains authoritative DNS you should always remember, if you don’t update DNS in the right place it wont take effect.

This could mean your websites won’t load properly and can cause unnecessary downtime.

module=nameservers - Name servers configuration (DNS Functions - Edit Nameservers IPs)NS1 Sub Domain: ns1.NS2 Sub Domain: ns2.NS1 IP: IP: DNS Zone file: Check Restart DNS Server: Check If you want to use Centos DNS configurations, just leave it as it is ------index.php?Hello, I'm trying to add a worklog via Web Service with add Worklog And Retain Remaining Estimate.When I add it using a SOAP client everything works fine, but when I use the same values to add the worklog using BPEL it gives me this error, that seems a data format error(but datas are the same used with SOAP client) What can be the problem? [2013/02/18 ] Faulted while invoking operation "add Worklog And Retain Remaining Estimate" on provider "Partner Link_1"-<messages> -<input> -< Invoke_3_add Worklog And Retain Remaining Estimate_Input Variable> -<part xmlns:xsi=" name="in0"> <in0 xsi:type="xsd:string" xmlns:xsi=" </in0> </part> -<part xmlns:xsi=" name="in1"> <in1 xmlns="" xmlns:def=" xsi:type="def:string" xmlns:xsi=" SUPHD-3 </in1> </part> -<part xmlns:xsi=" name="in2"> -<in2 xmlns="" xmlns:def=" xsi:type="def: Remote Worklog" xmlns:xsi=" <author>sstradi </author> <comment>prova ws </comment> <created>2013-02-18T.000Z </created> <group Level/> <id/> <role Level Id/> <start Date>2013-02-12T.000Z </start Date> <time Spent>8h </time Spent> <time Spent In Seconds>28800 </time Spent In Seconds> <update Author/> <updated/> </in2> </part> </Invoke_3_add Worklog And Retain Remaining Estimate_Input Variable> </input> -<fault> -<remote Fault xmlns=" -<part name="code"> <code> Exception </code> </part> -<part name="detail"> <detail> <detail> <fault Data xmlns:ns1=" xmlns:soapenv=" xmlns:xsd=" xmlns:xsi=" xsi:type="ns1: Number Format Exception"/> <ns2:hostname xmlns:ns2=" xmlns:soapenv=" xmlns:xsd=" xmlns:xsi=" Srv-Project Net</ns2:hostname> </detail> </detail> </part> -<part name="summary"> <summary>module=settings - Server settings (CWP Settings - Edit Settings)Shared IP: (same as default)Apache Port: 80Root Email: (some email that you use, it can be an email that is going to be created in the previous future on your server - it should be created or exist already because you might want to receive important emails from it)Forward root emails: (It's up to you, if you check it, you'll receive Cronjobs emails daily, and this might not be usefull for you, i leave it un-checked)------index.php?module=change_hostname - Hostname (Server Settings - Change Hostname)hostname: (Every server has a main domain, for example: mycompanny.com, you have to configure this based on that, usually i add "srv1." before my main domain, example: svr1.- also should be registered already and you should have control of it, otherwise your emails are going to be sent with an invalid hostname- I also recommend you to add an A record to your DNS based on your hostname, for example: svr1. (your server IP address that you are configuring)- Never add " or "www"- Always add a sub-domain to your hostname like "srv1." or whatever you feel right (don't forget the "." on your sub-domain).- Make sure you don't mess with this configurations, because it's going to ruin your email configurations.------/index.php?

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