Outlook imap folders not updating

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The Outlook Mail API lets you read, create, and send messages and attachments, view and respond to event messages, and manage folders that are secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365.

It also provides the same functionality in Microsoft accounts specifically in these domains: Hotmail.com, Live.com, MSN.com, Outlook.com, and

Moreover, the Outlook engine was designed during the Windows 95 days, but for compatibility reasons its database engine remained almost the same until today.

On top of this system, with every new Outlook version Microsoft added several layers of features, such as Tasks, the Journal, the Business Contacts Manager and so on.

Focus is the concept that, in a multi-window operating system (such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS), user input can be directed to only one application window at a time.

An application (such as a keyboard or mouse) is said to have focus when it receives user input.

We use to compare Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Windows: they both needs constant tweaking and optimization, unless you are willing to reformat your disk and to reinstall Windows.Product Links Mergix - find and merge duplicate contacts everywhere.Duplicate Killer - search, merge and remove Outlook duplicates.But on the Outlook case, reinstalling it can bring lots of headaches and critical data may get lost during the process.This article tries to explain you how to make Outlook faster and better, without reinstalling it.

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