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In some cases they install a simple metal sleeve in the slot which means the card is not returned to the user.Someone reads the PIN over the victim’s shoulder and then, when they have moved away, retrieves the card.Shortly before he filmed the aftermath of the carnage, Mr Morariu bravely took on one of the terrorists by throwing a wooden crate at him and then running directly at him to smash him around the head with the box Seven people were brutally murdered and 48 injured during the attacks over the weekend as busy bars and restaurants were targeted by jihadis in central London.Recalling the traumatic ordeal, Mr Morariu said: 'We were looking out of the window because we saw that everyone was agitated, everyone was running, people, women...Today, there are poignant reminders of Romania's Jewish heritage and roots.

The community supports a publishing house, Ha Sefer, and puts out a bimonthly newspaper, Revista Realitatea Evreiasca.The Mail has learned that officers have identified a number of ‘Mr Bigs’ in the Romanian city of Bacau.A source said: ‘They are very clever criminals who have made vast sums of money out of card crime in the UK, but who are difficult to pin down.’ Gang members working for the crime barons will typically crowd customers withdrawing cash to read their four-digit PIN, then distract them to steal the card. By the early 16th century, their number again increased by immigrants fleeing from Cossack uprisings in Poland and the Ukraine. During the Middle Ages, Jewish immigrants began settling in Walachia and Moldova, with ever-increasing numbers arriving after Spain's expulsion of the Jews in 1492.

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