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A union jack flies outside the door, there is sport on the television, Tetley’s bitter on tap and roast beef on the menu.The 29-year-old would come a few times a week and order a bourbon and coke or a pint of bitter.One such center of Eastern economic ingenuity is the city state of Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.Many westerners lump Hong Kong and China together, but the truth is that Hong Kong enjoys a high level of autonomy, as well as its own unique cultural spirit.Some times that is not enough, so here are some things to sex up your camera.This is a work in progress, and if you have something others shoudn't be able to live without, send me an e-mail.

But often he would walk for exactly four minutes to his local pub, The Old China Hand, a dimly lit wood-panelled room seemingly transported from an English suburb to the heart of Hong Kong.The ring was commissioned and made by jeweler Gaelen in British Columbia, Canada. I know it’s basic at the beginning but it isn't written in a patronizing way.handbag is a fancy little bag and conversation piece that will hold the ND filter and an extra battery, plus the bare necessities. I have been taking photographs for many years and have been lucky enough to be paid to take them for the last seven years; but it's always good to be taken back to the start" P. (UK) Personalize your camera Leica offers engravings on cameras, and all you have to do is ask for a quote.Berlin-based jewrelry designer Florian Huhoff designed this Leica M3 ring for a friend, who requested one more for a friend ...and if he didn't know before, Slorian must have realized real love has no boundaries. In this easy to read and apply e Book, Thorsten Overgaard takes beginners and experienced photographers through the basics of controlling the light and the camera.

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