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A route-centric, batteries-included navigation library for Expo and React Native that works seamlessly on Android and i OS.

The successor to Ex Navigation, "react-navigation", is now in public beta.

Once you are in the “Edit site layout” mode, click on the region that has the horizontal navigation.

You can change the style of your horizontal navigation bar by selecting one of the radio buttons under Style.

But it’s disappointing to see, especially for someone like me who likes keeping black as the background for the navigation bar.

The default white background doesn’t go too well with the primarily white background inside most apps, as the navigation bar stands out by not being as white as the rest of the interface.

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A well-crafted navigation menu will help readers find key content that they are looking.

In fact, Samsung has switched up the available background colors, and the worst of it is that you can no longer use a fully black navigation bar background.

The new color choices are all light shades, and it’s unclear why Samsung suddenly decided the existing options weren’t good enough; it could be that Samsung is hoping the new colors will help keep visual uniformity across apps.

If you are an administrator, you can edit the navigation menu at Media Wiki: Wiki-navigation.

You can also access this in your Admin Dashboard by clicking Top Navigation.

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