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Scale structure, validity, and reliability were assessed.RESULTS Face validity of candidate items was confirmed in interviews with 11 patients.Interprofessional collaboration is essential in creating a safer patient environment.It includes the need to develop communication and coordination between professionals, implying a better sharing of medical information.Each item has 4 separately defined rating categories (unacceptable, poor, satisfactory, and good), with item scores ranging from 0 (unacceptable) to 3 (good).A total score is calculated by summing the item scores; higher scores indicate better communication skills. The purpose of the tool is twofold: The teaching of communication skills has gained increasing importance in the education of undergraduate medical students, with the ability to communicate with patients being widely accepted as an important determinant of being an effective doctor.

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This article reports on the development and testing of the Interpersonal Communication Assessment Scale (ICAS), which was designed to assess the communication competencies of students in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.Exploratory-factor analysis resulted in a three-factor solution labeled as advocacy, therapeutic use of self, and validation. Items that loaded .60 or higher were retained, resulting in a 23-item scale with a Cronbach's alpha of .96.The ICAS significantly differentiated the communication competencies of beginning and graduating students in both undergraduate and graduate programs.The ICAS was found to have construct validity and internal consistency, underscoring its potential as a formative and summative tool to assess the interpersonal communication competencies of nursing students.ABSTRACT: Background Health professional education includes interpersonal communication and skill development, however, the assessment of student learning and skill acquisition is inconsistent.

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